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Sherwood Youth Basketball League - Match Rules 2009/2010

1. A team that is more than 15 minutes late will forfeit the match
2. A team may consist of up to 12 players in any match
3. Correctly numbered kit must be worn
4. Matches at JBWA will consist of 4 quarters of 7 minutes each with a stopping clock. Matches at Bilborough will be of 6 minute quarters with a stopping clock.
5. At either venue the time played in the final quarter may be adjusted to fit in with court time available
6. Matches ending in a draw will result in 2 minutes extra time - if court time permits - and after that extra period the result stands.
7. Each team is permitted 2 time-outs of 1 minute's duration. These may be taken at any dead ball during the game.
8. Free throws will only be awarded on shooting fouls and for unsportsmanlike penalties in the first 3 quarters. Free shots will be awarded on the number of team fouls conceded in the 4th quarter as well as on shooting fouls and unsportsmanlike penalties
9. Substitutions may be made at any whistle
10. In Under 14 divisions teams are not allowed to play a zone
11. Match fee of £25 to be paid in cash before the match starts
12. If a player or a coach is disqualified in a match - the match officials will submit a report to the League Coordinator within 72 hours. The disqualified individual is automatically banned from the next match
13. The court manager will decide on any disputes
14. Anything not covered by the above is subject to FIBA rules

Guidelines for the “No Zone Defence” Rule: Under-14 and Younger Competitions

As advised prior to last season England Basketball is phasing in recommendations from the International Basketball Federation (FIBA) regarding competitions involving under-14 players and younger. For 2007-08 use of a smaller basketball was incorporated while from 2008-09 the “No Zone Defence” rule will apply.

What is a Zone Defence?

For the purpose of this rule, for competitions under the jurisdiction of England Basketball, a zone defence is defined as “any defence which does not involve normal person-to-person / man-to-man defensive principles”.

Violations Occur When:

One or more players are not in a normal man-to-man position in relation to their player and the basketball.
A player cutting through the key is not defended in normal man-to-man coverage; i.e. by following them, switching or bumping them to change direction.

Administration of the “No Zone Defence” Rule

The match referees are responsible for administering the rule and will be the sole judges in deciding whether a defensive team is employing a zone defence. They will take into account the intention of the defensive team and whether there is deliberate use of a zone defence at a critical time during the game. If they are in any doubt, the benefit of the doubt will be given to the defensive team. Otherwise they should take immediate action as follows:
Issue a warning for the first violation of the rule.
When, in the opinion of the referees, a second violation of the rule occurs, they will charge the coach of the defending team with a Technical Foul and two free throws and possession will be granted to the attacking team.
A third violation means a second Technical Foul on the coach of the defending team, resulting in their disqualification from the game, two free throws and possession.

Regular Breaches of the “No Zone Defence”

Complaints regarding a specific team regularly employing a zone defence will be referred to England Basketball. Persistent complaints will be referred to the Competitions Committee with the possible consequences being the use of an Observer to oversee a particular team or match and/or the loss of competition points and/or disqualification.


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