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Messages from the Sherwood League

Information, observations and requests from the Sherwood League secretary (Pete Viles)

February 2011

I have received a comment asking me to remind all teams to inform their supporters that permission is required to take any kind of pictures at junior basketball matches. You need to check with the Centre/Duty manager, the organiser, the officials and the opponents.
A few base line wanderers have returned to the Wildcats Arena. People are wandering along the end line of the court carrying hot drinks and with players heading towards them at speed – anyone who cannot see that this is very dangerous? – even if not carrying anything.

January 2011

Team lists are much better thanks
If anyone wishes to take pictures/videos of teams/players please remember you need permission form the centre manager and the league and the opponents and parents before you do this – normally there would be no problem – but you do need to check first.
Sports bags are being brought onto the court at NWA – the management feels that these can cause damage and want them put into lockers or left on the bleacher seating please.
I had a complaint from a team at NWA last week that quite a few bottles were left near the bench by the previous team – move your own bottles please.
Players: bring a pair of shorts with them to matches – then if the person bringing the team kit is delayed at least I can lend a set of vests and we can get the match started.
If parents leave their children to play matches while they go off shopping – that’s fine – but the parents need to be back before the end of their child’s game.

January 2011

Coaches/team managers: team lists should be in numerical order and show all EB numbers, the coach(inc EB number) and the captain – a little more organisation from teams will save me having to ‘sort out’ 12 team lists into numerical order. I need the team lists at least 15 minutes before tip-off time please

January 2010

A reminder please. At JBWA sports bags must be put into the lockers provided or left on the spectator seating – not brought onto the floor of the hall – this is a Centre request to maintain the standard of the refurbished floor. Some players tell me that their team officials have not informed them of this – I don’t believe these players as I’m sure you always pass on information!
Similarly we had players and spectators wandering along the end lines of the courts while matches were in progress – this is annoying for the referees and players and dangerous for all concerned. General basketball awareness should be part of your sessions – and even if it is not common sense should prevail!

23 November 2009

A coach complained on Friday that a referee did not stop a game so that an injured player could be substituted – and that the referee’s action could have led to the injury being aggravated. The injury was to the player’s thumb. I had my own opinions – but referred the matter to 2 high level national referees at the weekend. Their verdict – if a player is obviously badly injured and lying on the floor at risk of causing further injury to himself or others – or if there is blood then the match can be stopped immediately to allow a substitution and treatment –but in the case of an injured thumb then the player could have walked off to prevent further damage and to get treatment and if the coach was so concerned he could have taken the player off immediately. The referees acted quite correctly in not stopping play.

Some people wear wrist bands and jewellery – and it has long been accepted that these items can be dangerous to the wearer and to opponents and must be removed or safely covered in order for the player to be able to play in a match. One coach on Friday insisted that his player should be allowed to wear his wristband as it was worn for religious reasons! The coach continued prolonged discussions with the match official who was insisting that the player remove or cover the band, and I had to intervene and insist that the play continued. My national referees confirm that the Youth League referee’s decision was perfectly correct – wristbands and other items that might cause injury must be removed or covered to the satisfaction of the referee.

21 October 2009

Please give your players a gentle nudge that sports bags at NWA (Nottingham Wildcats Arena) need to be put into lockers or left on the seating area – not brought into the sports hall playing area - thanks

7 October 2009

Thanks to the teams playing at Bilborough for cooperation with chairs and litter.
There has been a marked improvement at JBWA as far as litter and base-line wanderers are concerned – keep it up please

4 October 2009

On Friday at JBWA we had a situation where we might have 'lost' 2 matches - but thanks to very positive attitude from Martin Richardson at Hucknall and Russ Fraser at Cobras we managed to play all 6 matches - albeit 2 of them friendlies - and 120 young players were able to play in matches - which is what the League is all about.

1/2 October 2009

I have been advised by the Centre manager at Bilborough Sports Hall that we are now required to set up and to put away spectator seating before and after our Friday evening sessions - hopefully that should not be a problem. He is also concerned about the amount of litter that is left on the floor after our event. Under no circumstances should any food be taken into the sports hall and any type of litter should be left in the bins and not on the floor. Please advise your players and spectators of this. If the users of the Bilborough Sports Hall do not comply with this request we shall appoint and pay a court manager to supervise this - to allow Leon to concentrate on officiating - and the costs of a court manager will be covered by an increase in match fees.

Spectators watching the last match at Bilborough please take your chairs back out of the sports hall at the end of the game and at both venues put litter in the bins and move your water bottles


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