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Hucknall Hotshots: Reports

Notts Open Mini League


January 2010

Hotshots 84 Derby Trailblazers 8
next up for the undefeated Hucknall hotshots 1 basketball club were the DERBY trailblasers. played in warm court compared to the snow conditions outside. straight from the on set Luke went for the basket and scored 8 to no reply 16 - 0 to Luke. cris scored a couple as the hotshots finished the first 1/4 24 - 4. further baskets by Daniel netting 6 baskets. Jordan , Josh and James meant the second 1/4 ended with the score at 44 - 4 with some impresive defending by James , Daisy and Luke H. the 3rd 1/4 the hot shots came out flying with Luke again the star player netting 12 more times. Cris and Sam also netting. the trailblasers were un able to penetraite the hot shots defence more than twice in this 1/4 meaning the 3rd 1/4 ended an impressive 70 - 8. baskets from Luke H, Liam , Josh , Jordan , Daniel , ty and James finished off the now tiring trailblasers and the buzzer sounded to the end of another victory for the hotshots.

December 2009

HUCKNALL HOTSHOTS 1 76 v Ilkeston Outlaws. 19
Off to a flier was Luke netting 5 x baskets with defender James popping up to go from defence to popping in the ball into the basket in a superb solo run but ilkeston fought back to level the scores at 11 each at the end of the first 1/4. This was short lived as the hotshots romped home taking a half time lead of 27 to ilkestons 17. Lewis and Daniel netting the most between them. from then on it was one way scoring as we went in 52 - 19 by 3/4 time and a massive 76 - 19 victory. a hard start but the Hotshots came through with flying colors. Daniel Goodacre stood out.
friendly hotshots 69 v St Annes 25.
the first 1/4 ended st annes 2 hucknall 32. but the second 1/4 wasn't so easy ending vipers 13 hotshots 32 ! with a few team changes the 3rd 1/4 went st annes 15 hotshots 50. Game on and the hot shots taking the games forward to win 69 to st annes vipers 25. the game was spoilt by at annes refusing to shake hands with there opponents which was observed by the court marshall. this was a friendly !
HUCKNALL HOTSHOTS 1 v HUCKNALL HOTSHOTS 2. now back to the league where are next opponents were our up and coming lads un lasses the HUCKNALL HOTSHOTS 2. totaly different attmosphere to the previous game the banter between the parents started at training the week before. roars of laughter all round, and that was before the game ! hotsots 1 went for the net and first up, again, was the second smallest on our team James and this was followed by baskets for Liam , Chris and the un stop able Luke . first 1/4 went to hotshots 1 28 points to 0. but hotshots 2 hit back netting twice but allas the A team stormed ahead at the end of the 3rd 1/4 76 points hotshots 2 6 points. The 3rd 1/4 went to the hotshots 1 but the best cheers were for the up and coming hotshots 2. The older advanced team winning 92 - 6. with many hand shakes and wait till next time from the younger team members of hotshots 2 to there , in some cases brothers, we got ready for are next game.
Hucknall Hotshots 1 v Nottingham mini ballers.
the team was the same as the previous game but after the first 1/4 we went in 7 - 5 ! A scare there as we allways start poorly ! the next 5 took to the court and stamped there right to be un defeated finishing 42 to 5 up ! awsome netting by Luke , Chris and Jordan to name a few ! the next 1/4 went 60 - 11 to the hotshots and the game finished 96 to the hotshots and 11 to the n.m.b.y

November 2009

Hotshots1 won all four matches in November ! (3 league games and a friendly)

First up were chilwel comets. the team consisted of lewis, joe, sam, daisy, james, ty, daniel, chris and johnny. Our first match of the season and not only did we win 58 - 8 but all 9 of our players scored a basket and played very well especially ty and daniel. The girls sam and daisy did very well both scoring a couple of baskets each.
next up were the melton missles. this time the team consisted of jordan , chris , daniel , ty , luke , james and lewis. We were several players down due to school half term and the children being taken away on family holidays. opening baskets were put home by luke and james and that quater finished 8 - 0 to the hotshots. the next 1/4 was even better at 18 - 4. the game finished melton missles 16 Hucknall hotshots 59. chris and lewis popped in a few baskets and defended very well in a great team performance.

thats 117 scored and 24 against.

Stax -manager of the Hucknall Hotshots 1


2nd November 2008

Hucknall Hotshots’ first team played against Rushcliffe Whizz Kids first team and Hucknall’s second team played Rushcliffe’s second team.

Hotshots1 66 vs. Whizz Kids1 16

Hotshots 1 were out of the blocks quickly scoring 16 points in the opening quarter without reply. Hucknall won the tip and Jordan banked the first score in from the left, with Sam and Joe bagging 6 points each. The second quarter was much the same with Luke (8 points), Ben and Josh both scoring on debut to complete the first half bashing at 30-6. The game was all but over after 20 minutes, and the second half continued with all of the team on the scoresheet by the sound of the final whistle and an easy 44 point win at 60-16. Fantastic defense kept Rushcliffe to only 10 second half points with Luke and Ross running the point slicing open the court time and time again for easy scores for the big guns of Sam, Joe and Josh.
Q-Scores [16-0, 30-6, 48-10, 60-16]
Hucknall Scorers: Luke 14, Sam 10, Joe 10, Ross 8, Josh 6, Jordan 4, Ben, Alex, James, Josh 2.

Hotshots2 28 vs. Whizz Kids2 48

The Hotshots second team played their first ever league game against Ruchcliffe Whizz Kids 2. Hucknall started well with Bradley nailing 10 points in the first 10 minutes with nice scores from Joe & Lewis to take the first quarter 14-12. Rushcliffe scored another 12 points in the second quarter to double their score at half time with Hucknall only able to add 4 points to their score via Lewis. Hucknall battled hard in the second half with Joe, James and Luke scoring on passes from Lewis and Samantha. Rushcliffe ran out 48-28 winners.
Q-scores [14-12, 18-24, 22-31, 28-48]
Hucknall Scorers: Bradley 13, Lewis 6, Joe 4, Luke 3, James 2.

Hotshots2 vs. Young Heros

The final game of the afternoon saw a tired Hucknall second team beaten by a cricket score of 90-10 by a fast running team from Leicester, Young Heroes.


Hotshots 52 (18, 26, 40, 52) vs. Whizz Kids I (6, 20, 34, 42)

3rd February 2008
This was the serious game of the afternoon, with the big Whizz Kids first team facing the Hotshots. The chemistry between the Hotshots starting 5 of Connor, Joe, Luke, Nathan and Alex reaped reward in the opening 10 minutes and Hucknall raced to 18-6 lead thanks to all round scoring and first class defence from the team. The second quarter saw the Whizz Kids play much better outscoring Hucknall 14-8 to narrow the lead to just 6 points at half time, 26-20.

The third quarter was fast paced with great basketball from both sides, blocked shots galore and 14 points scored by both teams. Notable scorers were Nathan who excelled in the paint scoring, Alex on a fast break, and Brandon beating 3 players to score a neat jumpshot. The lead was maintained going into the final quarter and everyone held their breath for the finale. The supporters were not disappointed. With just over a minute left on the clock it was a 1 point ball game to Hucknall at 43-42. Connor scored a lay-up off another steal by James (his 6th of the match), Joe added a point from a free throw and suddenly Hucknall were up by 4. Whizz Kids had no answer and despite tough defence by taller players, Luke hit nothing but net from the base line to make it a 6 point lead. This was quickly added to by Connor and Joe. The clock ticked away and Hotshots had scored the last 9 points of the game in under a minute to take the game by 10, 52-42. It's been a great season for this developing side with only three defeats and this memorable match to end it.

Scorers: Nathan 13, Connor 12, Joe 11, Luke 10, Brandon 4, Alex 2

Hucknall Hotshots 68 (20, 38, 44, 68) vs. Whizz Kids II (0, 2, 7, 11)

An easy game for the Hucknall boys, Connor (8 points) and Luke (8 points) combined well to open up the Whizz Kids for easy scores. Alex and James (who finally broke his duck and scored) performed well in defence with Nathan bagging 9 rebounds and 2 points in the first period alone. The second quarter continued in the same vein with Joe (8 points) and Brandon (6 points) scoring quickly and easily, ably assisted by Amin setting screens and messing up the Whizz Kids offence. The score was at 32-0 before the Whizz Kids finally scored their first points and sportingly all of the Hotshots bench applauded the basket. The last three baskets of the quarter were shared between Brandon, Joe and Connor. At 38-2 and the game was over and it was simply a matter of how many points would Hucknall win by.

The third quarter was a quiet affair with missed lay-ups and long shots from Hucknall forcing Coach Adam McGrory to call a time-out. Hucknall outscored Whizz Kids by 3 and the lead was extended but this was a quarter to forget quickly. The fourth quarter was a return to form with Connor capping a fine game personally with a further 8 points, Brandon added 6 of his own and Luke and Joe collecting the rest to conclude a 57 point win.

Scorers: Connor 18, Brandon 14, Luke 14, Joe 12, Nathan 8, James 2

Hucknall Hotshots 46 (4, 20, 42, 46) - 31 NYBC (3, 17, 27, 31)

27 January 2008:
A slow start from both teams saw turgid offence mixed with obdurate defence from both sides, with James continuing his great defensive work from the Wilford game last weekend. Only two free throws and a lay-up were scored by the Hotshots matched by a free throw and a lay-up from NYBC saw the first ending 4-3 to Hucknall.

The second quarter exploded into life with 6 points from Connor, 4 points from Brandon, 4 from Alex and Josh scoring his first points in the Hucknall Green with Joe rebounding to give us more shots. Hotshots took the quarter going into half time with a narrow three point lead, 20-17.

The third quarter was the turning point in the game with the Hotshots turning the screw with Luke (10 points), Sam (8 points) and Jordan (4 points) banging in 22 points to the Old Basford outfit's 10. The final quarter returned to the defensive set-up played out in quarter one with Sam scoring 4 points to match the four scored by NYBC. As the buzzer sounded the end of the game Hotshots could be satisfied with a 15 point win over their neighbours.

Scorers: Luke 13, Sam 12, Connor 6, Jordan 5, Alex 4, Brandon 4, Josh 2

Hucknall Hotshots 28 (3, 13, 23, 28) - 55 Ilkeston Outlaws (17, 31, 45, 55)

27 January 2008:
The second of the afternoon games saw us take on a tall Ilkeston team. Connor won the tip and Luke scored the first basket of the game. After Connor bagged one of two free throws this was to be the only lead of the game for Hucknall and the Hotshots were scoreless for the remainder of the quarter conceding a 14 point deficit at the end of the first quarter.

The second quarter started more brightly with Connor and Joe scoring the opening 4 points to narrow the lead to 10 before a good run from Ilkeston stretched the lead a little more. Brandon and Alex added to the score to end the quarter 13-31 down. The second half saw more of the same as Hucknall narrowly lost the third quarter before tired legs got the better of them in the final 7 minutes and the Outlaws won comfortably.

Scorers: Luke 8, Connor 7, Brandon 4, Sam 4, Joe 3, Alex 2

Hotshots 48 (16, 28, 36, 48) vs. Wilford Wasps 16 (2, 10, 16, 16)

20th January 2008:
Hotshots hit the floor on all cylinders in the first quarter with Luke (8 points) and Connor (6 points) scoring at will. On the defensive end, James chipped in with four steals which all lead to scores, and Wasps were restricted to a paltry 2 points. Debutant Sam iced the quarter with his first points for the Hotshots.

The second quarter saw the Wasps score 8 points, but the Hotshots continued to rack up the points with good scoring from Brandon (6 points), Nathan (4 points) and Joe (also making his debut for the Hotshots) scoring a nice put back off a Hotshots missed lay-up. At half time Hotshots were winning by 18 and the game was all but over for the Wasps.

Wasps played much better defence in the third quarter and restricted the Hotshots to just 8 points scoring 6 of their own. An arcing shot from Alex, which saw nothing but net, and a buzzer-beating score from Jordan meant that the Hucknall boys took third quarter honours and, crucially, the momentum going into the final period.

The suffocating defence from the Hotshots left the Wasps scoreless in the last quarter. Nathan and Brandon went on the rampage scoring the last 12 points of the game to give Hucknall a tidy 32 point win.

Scorers: Brandon 12, Luke 10, Nathan 10, Connor 8, Alex 2, Joe 2, Jordan 2, Sam 2

Hotshots 41 (10, 29, 37, 41) vs. Young Heroes 74 (22, 40, 64, 74)

9th December 2007:
After the highs of the Mansfield fixture of two weeks ago, this was always going to be a tough ask. The sharp shooting Leicester outfit had beaten all before them and are a well drilled tightly knit group of players. Brandon and Nathan opened the scoring for the Hotshots and after 3 minutes the game was tied at 6 all. The offensive execution and 75% floor shooting of the Heroes team lead them to a 12-6 lead before Amin spotted up with a classy shot from just outside the charity stripe. Back came the Heroes with a deep shot of their own followed by a Nathan rebound and put back off Jordan's tough outside shot. The first quarter finished 22-10 to the Heroes.

Coach Adam McGrory tightened up the defensive end and asked the team to up the tempo to force turnovers and free up space on the court. Sure enough the plan worked with Nathan and Luke hitting 8 and 7 points respectively, and Alex and Amin chipping in too with tricky outside shots to take the second quarter 19-18. The lead was trimmed to 11 at the half with the Hotshots trailing 29-40.

After the break, Brandon and Luke hit the first 6 points of the third to make it a 5-point game before an astonishing run of 24 points from the Heroes without a Hotshot riposte until the dying seconds of the quarter. At the end of the third period the game was up with the score at 37-64.

Coach implored for more effort to stop the free-scoring Heroes in the fourth with the Hotshots, particularly Josh, Jordan and James, stepping up and restricting the Heroes to only 12 fourth quarter points, while only Luke and Amin could add to the Hotshots score. Despite a final score of 41-74 against Hucknall, the boys can take heart that the previous Heroes game was a 138-6 blow out and Hucknall had scored more points than any other team against them this season.

Scorers: Nathan 14, Luke 13, Brandon 6, Amin 6, Alex 2

Hucknall Hotshots 40 - Mansfield Giants 25

25th November 2007:
As in the Derby game two weeks previously, Hotshots started strongly outscoring the opposition 12-5 with Nathan and Luke bagging 6 points each in the first period. The best news was that the tallest player for Mansfield picked up three fouls with Nathan driving strongly to the basket at regular intervals. The second quarter cotinued in the same vein with Hucknall extending their lead thanks to Nathan (6), Brandon (4) and Connor (2) with a half time score of 24-11. After halftime Jordan bagged two free throws to give Hucknall their biggest lead of 15, but Mansfield outscored us 10-8 by the end of the third. Crucially, the 3 fouls on Mansfield's big number 6 (M Sidwell) cost them as the scoring dried up after he fouled out with 4 to go in the third. The final period was punctuated by solid defence by both sides with Connor, Alex and Luke scoring the final 8 points for Hucknall to close out a good win at 40-25.

Scorers: Nathan 16, Luke 10, Connor 6, Brandon 4, Alex 2, Jordan 2

Hucknall Hotshots 50 - Derby TrailBlazers 49

11th November 2007:
Hotshots came out of the blocks very quickly with Nathan (10 points)and Luke (7 points) scoring easy points in a 23-10 first quarter lead with only the sharpshooting S Martin registering points for Derby. The second period saw a reversal in fortunes as Derby outscored the Hotshots by 14-4 to leave the score at 27-24 to Hucknall at the half. Amin and Luke scored 6 apiece in the third extending the lead to 43-32 going into the final stanza. Derby finished strongly in the fourth scoring 17 points to the Hotshots 7 but Hucknall held on in the last five seconds with Luke securing a steal to take the game by 1 point.

Scorers: Nathan 19, Luke 15, Jordan 6, Amin 6, Alex 2, Brandon 2

Hucknall Hotshots 34 - Melton Missiles 47

4th November 2007:
Hotshots came up against a well drilled big side from Melton and despite scoring the first 4 points of the game struggled offensively in the first quarter and could not hold the quick paced J Chester who scored 12 points in the first quarter. After the first quarter Hotshots were down 16-8. Hucknall settled after the first quarter, defended well and narrowly lost each of the three remaining quarters by only 1 or 2 points

Scorers: Luke 16, Brandon 6, Connor 4, Amin 4, Jordan 2, Nathan 2

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