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Hucknall Hornets Reports: 2005/6

Summer League 2006 | Sherwood League 2005/2006

Hucknall Hornets 57 - Warriors 54

14th July 2006: No report available.

Hucknall Hornets 104 - Ilkeston Outlaws 37

7th July 2006: No report available.

Hucknall Hornets 102 - Mansfield Express 15

23 June 2006:
Mansfield arrived undermanned and undersized for this return fixture with Hornets. Hucknall opened with a 10 - 0 run and the game was well underway before Mansfield sank a solitary free throw for their first point. Hucknall continued to keep the scoreboard moving but showed no signs of complacency playing tough defense which forced Mansfield into several back court violations. Even running smaller line ups, Hucknall continued to score at will from all parts of the court and smothered the opposition's attempts to counter

Hornets eased into triple figures as the game reached its closing stages. If the first encounter between the two sides had ended in controversy over the score, Hornets left no doubt about who were the victors in this match posting their largest win of the season.

Hucknall Hornets 70 - Cobras 19

16 June 2006:
In a repeat of the Summer League opening day fixtures, Hucknall put out a strong team looking to reverse the defeat suffered at the hands of the Cobras. Hornets soon made their intentions clear racing to a double figures without reply in the opening five minutes of the game.

A ten minute period followed where both teams struggled to convert but from that point forward Hornets kept the scoreboard moving with increasing regularity. Cobras never gave up on the game but a foul on the final put Hucknall on the line as time ran out. Hornets split the pair to secure the victory and record a 101 point turn around from the earlier season encounter.

Hucknall Hornets 25 - NYBC 56

9 June 2006:
For the first time in several weeks NYBC brought a full squad to Jessie Boot and Hornets paid the price as the Nottingham team were able to use a constant rotation of the players on court. This made it difficult for Hucknall to find defensive match ups allowing NYBC easy passage to the basket. At the other end, Hucknall again fell victim to zone defense with two big players blocking up the paint and restricting opportunities for Hornets to drive to the hoop. NYBC were also effective playing the passing lanes and forcing Hucknall to turnover the ball.

For a while Hornets stayed in touch hitting several three point shots but gradually the problems on defense ate away at confidence and the offense began to suffer as the game slipped away.

Hucknall Hornets 57 - Burton Tornadoes 22

2 June 2006:
The last time these two sides met was in the playoff finals in April and Hucknall came out looking to reverse the result. Tornadoes starters included one of the larger players in Summer League but Hucknall opened with two statement plays taking the ball straight at the big centre for a quick lead. Signature passing plays and high percentage shooting extended the margin as Hornets looked the more cohesive unit early on. Burton had only two points on the board when they called their first time out with quarter of an hour gone by. By the time they doubled this number Hornets had already moved beyond 20.

With the foundations of victory already set, Hucknall were able to play an extended roster. Enjoying their basketball, Hornets put the emphasis on keeping everyone involved and received good point production across the bench. Burton kept their total moving with accurate free throw shooting but the end result never looked in doubt in this 25 point ball game.

Hucknall Hornets 58 - Warriors 46

16 May 2006:
Hornets matched up against a Warriors team who came into the game as one of the league's hot sides. For the second successive week, Hornets started strong looking more organised than the team that had stuttered on opening night. Running plays through the centre, points in the paint piled up and a complimentary outside game saw several sweet three point shots adding to the total. Tough defense kept Warriors on the free throw line where they struggled to convert and Hornets lead hovered around 20.

As the game progressed Warriors pulled their own long range game together and the lead dwindled to single figures. In an unorthodox response Hucknall ran a play that briefly had 10 players on court, much to everyone's amusement. With order restored Hornets kept the opposition at arms length and ended another entertaining game up by a dozen.

Hucknall Hornets 88 - Ilkeston Outlaws 62

19 May 2006:
Derby day in Summer League saw Hucknall Hornets matching up against cross border rivals Ilkeston Outlaws. Many of the Hornets players had suffered their largest defeat as under 12s in their last game in Hotshots uniforms at the hands of Ilkeston so there was an added incentive to do well. Hucknall put out a strong team and looked sharp from the tip off with the starting five posting twenty one points in the first five minutes. Slick passing moves were a feature of the early play producing a high assist to points ratio. At the other end of the court strong rebounding and good defensive cover limited Ilkeston to just two baskets.

As the teams went deeper into the rotations the game remained free flowing and high scoring. Ilkeston rallied and closed the gap on several occasions but didn't get closer than nine. Hucknall continued with valuable contributions from the whole team to secure a convincing and confidence boosting first win of the summer league season.

Hucknall Hornets 43 v Mansfield Express 45

12th May 2006:
Hornets began their second game of summer league looking more composed than in the season opener. Running a measured offense Hucknall kept the ball moving to find the open man and hit the first seven points without reply. Mansfield slowly began to get their own game together, gradually reducing the deficit. Four consecutive baskets put them 8-7 up, their use of zone defense and absence of three second calls making it difficult for Hornets to get to the basket.

From that point followed an entertaining game in which the lead appeared to change hands frequently as each team tried to gain the advantage. With quarter of an hour left on the clock the match was interrupted as confusion rained over the score. In a twelve point swing Hucknall went from being a point ahead to eleven down as the scorers corrected earlier errors in the totals.

Still ten behind into the final six minutes Hornets mounted an exciting run drawing level with under 90 seconds left to play. Express scored off their next possession and drew a foul. Although the freethrow failed to drop, Hucknall had just 12 seconds left by the time they got the ball back. Mansfield then committed several fouls in quick succession to prevent Hornets from taking the final shot as time ran out.

With the final score still in doubt Mansfield made a rapid exit from the court.

Hucknall Hornets 27 v Cobras 75

28th April 2006:
A rookie Hornets team was overwhelmed in the first half hour of this contest, falling behind big to the more experienced Cobras. With much of the Sherwood League play-off team moving up, Cobras scored freely as Hucknall struggled with defensive assignments.

The Summer League fifty five minute rolling clock allowed plenty of time for adjustments and as the defense tightened up the match became more even. The final stages of the game saw Hornets holding their own and looking forward to the busy summer schedule.

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