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Coaching Report (2005/6)

Welcome to my end season report for the 2005 and 2006 season. As always let me begin by thanking all the parents for their continued support this year and all of us at Hucknall Junior Basketball Club hope it continues into the next season and beyond. Children don't always appreciate what you do for them, and sometimes you may feel like a taxi service but deep down they are grateful and could not perform without your love and support. As one parent put it this year "I see more of you than my wife" I wasn't sure what to make of this but it made the point how much time and effort the parents put in to supporting the players and the basketball club. Thank you once again.

The committee have done an outstanding job this year. With their continued commitment your club has expanded to playing under 18s basketball. It has also solidified its position within Nottingham and Derby as the team everyone wants to beat. This would not have been possible without the drive to source out increased funding and the smooth running of the club by the committee If anyone is interested in being involved in how your club is run then contact one of the committee members or myself. There is nothing more rewarding than making a difference to young peoples lives and giving them the opportunity to develop and progress in a safe and fun environment. By becoming involved you can make a difference to someone's life.

The next challenge for your club is to stabilise its position and continue to ensure that all the hard work on and off the court does not go to waste. Your club is a non-for profit organisation but it does have some overheads to cover so any fund raising ideas or sponsorship or grants that people are aware of need to passed onto the committee All teams have competed with passion, flare and confidence, however we have struggled a little with injury missing key players at key times. We have also struggled a little at times with players not being available to train or play in some games. I must emphasize that in order to play three things are required. A good attitude attendance at practice and the ability to play at the level we are competing at. All three things are considered before selection is made. Because of this policy all teams fared well in their leagues and had an opportunity to win the play-offs or their division

The under 14s made the play-off final against Burton Tornadoes but were without two key players for various reasons. They still gave a good account of themselves and competed to the end playing some good basketball throughout the final.

The under 16s won their division and went into the play-off semi final as favourites but a bit of nervousness in last couple of minutes allowed North Midlands to open up a lead that they would not relinquish. The under 16s finished 3rd overall, losing out to the eventual winners

The Under 18s in their maiden season and with only two year 13s had the most bizarre season. Every game went down to the last minute and was a 2-point win, a 2- point loss or a draw. It was the sort of season that makes a coach lose his hair or go grey. Despite this the under 18s finished a very credible fifth overall.

Hucknall Basketball has produced two division winners and gave the opportunity for young people in the area to play competitive basketball. We have produced yet another England player and still contribute to nearly half of the players for some National League teams in the area. This is still a success story and with continued effort and enthusiasm from all of us it will continue. Enjoy the summer league and summer training and let's try and become the best we can be.

Martin Richardson.

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