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Chairman's Report (2004/5)

Thursday 12thMay 2005

I am very proud to be able to give this report.

It has been a very successful year regarding Club, team and individual achievements.

The Club secured a grant from the Catalyst Fund of over two thousands pounds to develop an under 18ís training session and ultimately a team in next seasons Sherwood Youth League.

The under 14ís are the Sherwood Youth League Champions for the 2nd year running.

The under 16ís are the Sherwood League Champions.

Individuals who have achievements which have been recognisedare;

Peter Marshall scored a record number of points in a single game in the National League for Notts Nova (72)

Ben Strurrock, Zak Ellis, Lucy Fish and Riess Harwood all won player of the year awards for their respective team at Notts Nova.

Riess Harwood has been selected to join the under 16ís England squad.

Chief coach Martin Richardson was awarded the Coach of the Year at Notts Nova.

All these achievements reflect the quality of the coaching and the supporting organisation of the Club.

I want to thank everyone for their very hard work in keeping the Club at a high level of commitment to the young men and women who enjoy basketball.

The support I get in what I see as an ever increasing workload for the team managers, coaches and parents is tremendous and I thank you all.

I would like to thank all the parents and guardians of the Club members for getting them to the games, often at very inconvenient times and supporting at the games. I am sure that the coaches and team managers will make similar statements.

The miniís, have played well in the Notts Open Mini League, through-out the season, but have been held back because of a shortage of girls, which automatically put them at a disadvantage in the points allocation.

It is a common perception that all young people are negative about the majority of things in their lives, but in this Club I can give some positive aspects to counter that perception. On Tuesday nights some of the senior Club members give up their time to assist Adam McGrory in the mini coaching sessions.

Those that have qualified as referees and table officials give up their time when requested to run friendly games for the miniís and to officiate in the Notts Open Mini Basketball League and the Wednesday night menís league.

I thank committee members who turn up at tournament nights to assist at the table with-out this support we would have serious problems running the events.

The Club now has a web site, thanks to Pete for setting it up, hjbc.org.uk . The reports and the minutes of this AGM, I hope will be posted on the site.

As to the future progression of the Club, hopefully we will take a step forward this summer, I have put a package together for a Level 1 basketball coaching course at the ď Barn ď in the Holgate school complex , so any parents or senior Club playersinterested please let me know. The Club has received an additional grant towards this training project from the Nottinghamshire Basketball Association of one hundred twenty pounds.

The Monday night training sessions have been extended to finish at 10pm, to safely accommodate the large numbers attending and to allow for the new under 18ís training sessions. There are now three sessions instead of the present two. The attendance of the sessions will have to closely monitored to keep them financially viable.

The new under 18ís team now has team kit and will be in the Sherwood League next season.

The challenge that really has got to be addressed this coming year is to increase the numbers attending the mini sessions on Tuesdays. The concentration has been on the development of the upper age groups at the expense of the original sessions.

It is going to have to be an urgent priority for the new officials and committee to find ways of bringing in new Club members at the lower level.

There is also another issue that all parents / carers have to be aware of in the future.

In two or three years time the majority of the officials at present organising the Club will probably be standing down because their little ones (who are now six foot +, and wearing size 14 shoes) will be away doing what-ever their doing.

If the Club is to continue, I am asking for parents to consider gaining experience to step up to fill the vacant positions./p>

So there you have it, a Club that now provides a positive outlook for young people aged eight to seventeen in basketball.

Thank you all.

John Guyler. Chairman

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