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Mini League

Game Scores

Byron Tournament

Hucknall (U18) 45
Notts Nova (U18) 30

Sherwood League

March 2013


U14 Trinity Tornadoes v Hucknall Hornets 58 - 48

U16 Hucknall Hawks v Rushcliffe Jets 50 - 37

U18 Derby Trailblazers v Hucknall Hurricanes 59 - 31

Semi Finals

U14 Hucknall v Mansfield 61-29

U16 Hucknall v Melton 50-27

U18 Hucknall A v Hucknall B 59-55


Welcome to Hucknall Junior Basketball Club


Now Training


Mini League


Sherwood League


Hucknall Junior Basketball Club is open to both girls and boys between the ages of eight and eighteen. The season is based around the school year, starting in September and continuing through until the end of July. We run teams at four levels participating in local basketball leagues.

Hucknall Hotshots (under 12s): competing in Notts Open Mini Basketball League from October through April. Training: Tuesdays at Hucknall Leisure Centre
7pm to 8pm: Under 10s (School year 4 and 5)
8pm to 9pm: Under 12s (School year 6 and 7)

Hucknall Hornets (under 14s - school year 7, 8 and 9): competing in Sherwood Youth League form October through April and April through July.
Training: at the Barn, Holgate Comprehensive School, Hillcrest Drive, Hucknall
Mondays: 6-8pm

Hucknall Hawks (under 16s - School year 9,10 and 11): also competing in Sherwood Youth League.  Training: Tuesday at the Barn, Holgate Comprehensive School, Hillcrest Drive, Hucknall
Tuesdays: 6-7.45pm

Hucknall Hurricanes (under 18s - School year 11, 12 and 13): Training: Mondays at the Barn, Holgate Comprehensive School, Hillcrest Drive, Hucknall
Mondays: 8-9.45pm

There is a planned training routine throughout the year which includes regular tournaments for the youngest age groups who may not have the experience of competitive games. There is some overlap in ages to accommodate different abilities and to allow children to play in more than one age group. Training sessions cost 3.00 per session with a registration fee of 15.00 at the start of each season

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Quick Plays

Hucknall Hornets
Runners Up

Hucknall Hawks
Third Place